USBclean Highlights

File removal with pinpoint accuracy.

Super Simple

Nothing could be easier, drag your USB stick onto the drop zone. Your Windows friends will thank you - no more invisible junk files!

Infinitely configurable

Maybe you want to auto remove files which are not in USBclean's extensive removal list? No problem - define a custom file type or file extension in Preferences.

Lightweight and Fast

USBclean is small, but it gets the job done fast! You won't even believe anything has happened... but it has - just check the log to see exactly what was removed.

USBclean Screenshots

Simple Interface - powerful options.

No instructions needed - Clear and intuitive interface.

No instructions needed

Clear and intuitive interface.

Comprehensive logging - See exactly what is removed.

Comprehensive logging

See exactly what is removed.

Unlimited options - Clean exactly what you want.

Unlimited options

Clean exactly what you want.

USBclean Questions

A quick introduction to USB junk files.

What are junk files?

Whenever you attach a USB stick to a computer, the Operating system used by that computer needs to make sense of all the files contained on the drive. It does this by adding hidden files to the drive containing extra information about the files.

Why should I remove them?

Normally you wouldn't need to. But if you're using your usb stick on multiple devices with different operating systems, the extra files can be frustrating. For example; storing audio or video files to a usb stick that you attach to your TV or car stereo. Your TV/stereo may show these junk files - cluttering up the interface with duplicate useless copies of the actual music/video file. The same is true when sharing data between macOS/Windows and Linux computers. The extra files can be confusing, not to mention wasting space.

Why use USBclean?

Because its simple, it gives you peace of mind, and best of all it's cheap! It also looks great, and stays out of the way until you need it. It can be configured to open at login. You can even keep it up in your menubar for easy access if that's what you want. USBclean can be configured to removed any filetype, and has a large number of inbuilt presets.

What does USBclean support?

  • macOS 11 or better (Sonoma recommended)
  • Apple Silicon, Intel
  • Localized for English, German, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese


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